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Ajax Developer India

AJAX is the abbreviation of Asynchronous Javascript and XML. AJAX is a technique of web development used to create interactive web applications. The primary aim of using AJAX is to make the web pages more responsive. When AJAX is used for building a website, very small amount of data is exchanged with the server for which the web page doesn’t require to reload everytime a user wants a change. AJAX programming is now regarded as the universal language used for validation. And XML is an advanced form of transferring and containing data in the virtual world. If you are keen on developing an AJAX based website or application, hire Ajax programmer from us today.

Plenty of companies offer Ajax developing services in India but our Ajax experts have mastered the use of this technology. Ajax is not a single technology. In reality it’s an agglomeration of various technologies flourishing in their distinctive manner. The AJAX design pattern includes:

  • Standard presentation using CSS and XHTML
  • Dynamic interaction and display using DOM or Document Object Model
  • Data manipulation and interchange using XSLT and XML
  • Asynchronous retrieval of data using XML http request.
  • Javascript binding

Why use AJAX programming from us ?
  • Speedy completion of project
  • Better usability
  • Time saving
  • Offer better interactivity in web pages
  • Cross –platform and cross- browser compatibility
  • Reduce server overheads
  • Incremental tools, skills and technology upgrade
  • Compatibility with any scripting language and web server
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